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"Moon Garden" hand rolled seed balls, coated in eco-glitter for a touch of magic!

This is a white, pale blue and lilac flower mix, plus tumbled moonstone.

Seed balls are particularly hardy because they are effectively already planted in a mixture of clay and peat free compost. They can be strewn and watered - or left to be rained on - in Spring, Summer or Autumn.  They're less likely to be eaten by birds in ball form, and they contain natural pest deterrents. Simply scatter, water, and wait - but do be aware they take longer to break apart and germinate than seeds alone.

  • Coffin box contains 20 seed balls, each containing around 35 seeds, which is enough to cover 1 sq metre of ground or 5 medium pots. 
    Packaged in a recycled cardboard coffin and recycled acid-free tissue paper.
  • The "Moon Garden" coffin also contains a small moonstone - considered by the ancient Romans to be solidified moonlight - which you can keep or bury along with your seeds. It represents divine feminine energy, fertility and abundance.
  • Moon garden flowers are those with crepuscular tendencies, either blooming and/or emitting scent at dusk. These seed balls include - white borage, 'White Moon Petunia' (Petunia axillaris) which is very special*, 'Woodland Tobacco' (Nicotiana sylvestris - part of the Nightshade family), Night Phlox (Zaluzianskya ovata), Night Scented Stock (Matthiola bicornis), 'Sweet William' (Dianthus 'Purple Crown', 'Sweet Rocket' (Hesperis matronalis) and 'Night Flowering Catchfly' (Silene noctiflora). These flowers are mainly white, pale blue and lilac to glow in the moonlight. If you prefer multi-coloured flowers, try my bat attractor seed balls instead. If you'd like reds, oranges and yellows then my limited edition 'Blood Moon' seed balls are the way to go!
  • All seed balls are lovingly hand-rolled by me, beneath the light of the moon (!) and as such may vary ever so slightly in size
  • *Petunia axillaris is an extremely rare and only recently "re-discovered" flower, thought to be extinct in the wild. It's one of the world's most fragrant blooms and at night emits a beautiful vanilla/liquorice scent.
  • Shipping is tracked via Hermes
  • I cannot guarantee these are pet friendlybecause Nicotiana is part of the 'nightshade family, the Solanaceae

Seed Balls - 'Moonlight Garden'

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