"Moon Garden" hand rolled seed balls. Wildflower mix, plus tumbled moonstone.

Seed balls are particularly hardy because they are effectively already planted in a mixture of clay and peat free compost. They can be strewn and watered - or left to be rained on - in Spring, Summer or Autumn.  They're less likely to be eaten by birds in ball form, and they contain natural pest deterrents. Simply scatter, water, and wait.

  • Coffin box contains 25 seed balls, each containing around 35 seeds, which is enough to cover 1 sq metre of ground or 5 medium pots. 
    Packaged in a recycled cardboard coffin and recycled acid-free tissue paper.
  • The "Moon Garden" coffin also contains a small moonstone - considered by the ancient Romans to be solidified moonlight - which you can keep or bury along with your seeds. It represents divine feminine energy, fertility and abundance.
  • Moon garden flowers are those with crepuscular tendencies, either blooming and/or emitting scent at dusk. These seed balls include - evening primrose, nicotiana, night flox, night scented stock, ox-eye daisy and verbena
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Seed Balls - 'Moon Garden'