"Seeds of Bat-traction" hand rolled seed balls.

  • Seed balls are particularly hardy because they are effectively already planted in a mixture of clay and peat free compost. They can be strewn and watered or left to be rained on, in Spring, Summer or Autumn. They're less likely to be eaten by birds in ball form, and they contain natural pest deterrents. Simply scatter, water, and wait.
  • Coffin box contains 25 seed balls, each containing around 35 seeds, which is enough to cover 1 sq metre of ground or 5 medium pots. Packaged in a recycled cardboard coffin and recycled acid-free tissue paper.
  • Bat attractors are flowers which actually entice the food for bats (rather than the bats themselves), such as moths. They tend to be heavily scented at night, and pale, so they're easier for insects to see and land on.
  • These seed balls include - borage, cornflower, evening primrose, ox-eye daisy, nicotiana, night flox, night scented stock, sweet william, wallflower and a generic wildflower mix.
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Seed Balls - 'Bat Attractors'