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About Me

I'm a qualified Anatomical Pathology Technologist (Mortuary Technician or ‘Mortician’) holding both the Certificate and Diploma in Anatomical Pathology Technology. I'm also curator of Barts Pathology Museum and author of 'Past Mortems' and 'Murder Isn't Easy'. Professionally I'm passionate about the history of forensic science, Agatha Christie and vintage murders. 

Through the course of my eight year career in the post-mortem room I carried out autopsies on Coronial, hospital and forensic cases, including paediatric and adult. This work also involved CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) and other high risk cases such as SARS, Swine Flu and CJD. In my spare time I studied Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology which led me to excavate plague graves in Venice and WWI graves in Belgium, as well as medieval burials in Chester. I also assist in dissection of donated cadavers for medical students and was consultant for the Bodyworlds plastinate exhibit in London. I've therefore dealt with the dead in all their forms.


  • Professionally I’m passionate about open, objective discussion, not hindered by culturally specific ideas of dignity, around the display and use of medical collections and access to our dead.

  • Academically I explore the display of particularly contentious human remains, with regard to - for example - crimes and the display of criminals or criminal artefacts. I focus on the history of forensic science and pioneers like Locard, Lombroso and Bertillon

  • I'm interested in research which identifies the positive affects of dealing with our own dead and death (worldwide), and also how the sanitised death we are now experiencing has a detrimental effect on society.

  • In short, if we improve our relationships with human remains, could that improve our society?

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