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Free Morticia ribcage quote postcard and sticker

Morticia Addams is - of course - the original goth gardener and an idol to many of us. Even the introductory cartoons drawn by Charles Addams describe her as "Given to low-key rhapsodies about her garden of deadly nightshade, henbane and dwaf's hair..." (see image). And as well as her fictional African Strangler, Cleopatra, her garden contains hemlock and poison ivy.

I've created this little collection of Morticia Addams' favourites Hemlock, Henbane and Deadly Nightshade which will all be sealed with a red wax skull and roses stamp that I think Morticia herself would approve of. If you purchase them as a bundle it will not only save you a couple of pounds but the bundle will come tied with a black ribbon, with a tiny bunch of paper flowers and dried rose petals, wrapped in tissue paper. All items come with free sticker and postcard as standard, but while stocks last there is also a Morticia quote postcard and ribcage sticker included


Shipping is via Royal Mail, First Class - allow a few days for delivery as recent strikes have caused delivery havoc!

Morticia Addams Collection

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