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Initially inspired by the idea of Bloody Valentine - and my career in forensic science - The 'Bloody Blooms' Seed Collection consists of white or very pale flowers with markings that resemble blood spatters, smears and stains. They mainly require planting during February, March and April so they're ideal to puchase as a Valentine gift. 

In fact, if you buy three or more packs a chocolate gift will be included, see below.

Comes with free stickers and postcard as standard, sealed with a genuine black wax skull & roses stamp. Planting instructions are on parchments inside each pack. The collection includes:

NEW - Bloody Mary Nasturtiums - Tropaeolum "Bloody Mary"

Bloody Tissue Petunias - Petunia "Double Pirouette"

Blood Spattered Zinnias - Zinnia Elegans "Pop Art"

Blood Spot Dianthus - Dianthus "Merry-Go-Round" 

Love-Lies-Bleeding - Amaranthus caudatus

Bloody Foxglove - Digitalis "Pam's Choice" 

Blood-soaked Wallflower - Erisimum cheiri "Blood Red Covent Garden"

  • Purchase 3 or more seed packets and they will be tied together with black ribbon and a bouquet of red and white paper flowers, known as 'blood and bandages'. Also included is a free black organza bag of vegan chocolate hearts (by Divine). This makes a bundle an ideal gift.
  • If this is a gift, it can be sent directly to the recipient - just include any message you like.
  • Shipped Royal Mail First Class

'Bloody Blooms' Valentine Seeds

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