"Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble"...How cute is this little cauldron which, with the addition of a succulent, looks like it's boiling over with green bubbles!

Plant pot is made from black terracotta measuring H11cm x W13cm x D12cm, featuring a silver Triple Moon or Pentagram symbol (there is a box for your oprtion, below). Can also be used as a pencil holder, make-up brush holder etc.


The pictures show a 'String of Pearls' plant (Senecio rowleyanus) which I'm not yet selling but may be in the near future. String of Pearls is a really easy indoor plant to grow: it's a succulent so it doesn't need to be overwatered but it does need bright light and warmth. Pop it on a sunny window ledge and you'll have no problems. You can find them in most florists and even some online supermarkets.

Delivery is via Hermes

Cauldron Plant Pots