"Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble"...How cute is this little cauldron which, when purchased with the succulent, looks like it's boiling over with green bubbles!

Plant pot is made from black terracotta measuring H11cm x W13cm x D12cm, featuring a silver Triple Moon or Pentagram symbol. (Can also be used as a pencil holder, make-up brush holder etc.)


The pictures show a 'String of Pearls' plant (Senecio rowleyanus) which I'm not yet selling but will be in the near future. String of Pearls is a really easy indoor plant to grow: it's a succulent so it doesn't need to be overwatered but it does need bright light and warmth. Pop it on a sunny window ledge and you'll have no problems.

Delivery is via Hermes

Cauldron Plant Pots