Part of my 'Gloomy Blooms' dark petalled flower range (many more to come).

I've searched far and wide to provide the blackest tulips I can find for this collection! The Queen of Night set consists of 8 x bulbs of 'Queen of Night' black tulips, directly from my wholesaler in the Netherlands; packaged in a large, reusable coffin box with acid-free tissue paper, a large moonstone, instructions and a 'Morticulture' sticker. (Box is sturdy and measures 23cm x 13cm x 5cm)

For immediate planting if desired, although they can also be planted in spring.

Eight bulbs are enough for a stunning pot arrangement which will flower in spring if planted this autumn. Outside pot planting is preferable but indoors will work fine. 

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'Queen of Night' Black Tulip Coffin