This October brings not one but two full moons, the second of which - called a 'Blue Moon' - occurs on Halloween/Samhain night! The full moon prior to this is on Thursday October 1st, and is the Blood Moon. Celebrate this unusual month by planting your own 'Blood Moon Garden' using this limited edition variation on my 'Moonlight Garden' seed balls. These are hand-rolled seed balls containing red, orange and yellow flowers and tumbled moonstone: red 'Sweet William' (Dianthus barbatus), 'Blood Red Wallflower', red Field Poppy (Papaver rhoeas), pale orange Evening Primrose 'Sunset Boulevard', orange, yellow and red striped 'Fireworks' dahlia, and of course, African Marigolds (Tagetes erecta) - the orange flower synonymous with Mexico’s ‘Dia de los Muertos’

  • Seed balls are particularly hardy because they are effectively already planted in a mixture of clay and peat free compost. They can be strewn and watered - or left to be rained on - in Spring, Summer or Autumn.  They're less likely to be eaten by birds in ball form, and they contain natural pest deterrents. Simply scatter, water, and wait.
  • Coffin box contains 20-25 seed balls, each containing around 35-40 seeds, which is enough to cover 1 sq metre of ground or 5 medium pots. They're dusted with biodegradable eco-friendly red glitter (for a bit of extra magic!) and packaged in a recycled cardboard coffin with recycled acid-free tissue paper.

The 'Blood Moon Garden' coffin also contains a small moonstone - considered by the ancient Romans to be solidified moonlight - which you can keep or bury along with your seeds. It represents divine feminine energy, fertility and abundance.

(Flowers from these seeds are predominantly red, orange and yellow. They have a crepuscular habit and attract pollinators, which in turn attracts bats. If you prefer something more muted my ordinary 'Moonlight Garden' flowers are mainly white, blue and lilac, and my 'Seeds of Bat-traction' flowers are multicoloured.)

All items are made to order - please allow up to five working days for them to be delivered.

  • Shipping is tracked via Hermes
  • Pet friendly

October 'Blood Moon' Seed Balls