Limited run for Halloween 

Carving a pumpkin into a Jack O’ Lantern on Halloween is a popular pastime, and pumpkins are now synonymous with the holiday. However, the tradition began with the Celts on the Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced Sow-en), with the carving of turnips into face lanterns to protect from evil spirits. It wasn’t until the Irish reached America and discovered pumpkins that traditions changed. Now, we can’t imagine a Halloween without pumpkins!


These ‘Grow Your Own’ kits differ from others on the market as they provide at least 2 opportunities to grow the plant from seed. The kits contain more than one seed and a small bag of compost as the medium for them to grow in. They also contain TWO tiny plant pots. Place them in different areas and that’s two chances of germination! Kit also consists of:

  • Reusable sturdy black coffin box (size 9cm x 19 x 5cm)
  • Wooden stake for marking them up when they grow into seedlings
  • Parchment paper instruction ‘scroll’ tied with black satin ribbon

NB - they will not be adult pumpkins for this Halloween 2020. Unfortunately they’re not magical, rapidly growing pumpkins... But they make wonderful gifts and can be planted now as a practice run for planting your own real Halloween pumpkins in future. (Pumpkins need to be planted in Spring, for October harvest.)

All items are made to order - please allow up to five working days for them to be delivered

  • Shipping is tracked via Hermes
  • Pet friendly

Grow Your Own Pumpkin